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Our team of Grand Rapids Chiropractors offers corrective chiropractic care which is focused on correcting the spine’s shape due to poor posture, helping diminish back pain.

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Our Grand Rapids team is made up of the finest chiropractors and medical doctors for spinal care, working together to restore the functions to the joints and muscles, helping eliminate pain.

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Our physical therapy team can determine areas of concern, and address them to rehabilitate the body back to full strength, enabling it to support a healthy spine and posture.

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Back Pain? Auto Accident? Poor Posture?

Experience Life-Changing Care at Advanced Spine & Posture in Grand Rapids, MI

Chiropractor in Grand Rapids MichiganAdvanced Spine and Posture is a unique Chiropractic office located in Grand Rapids. Here, we work with the entire body and look at your overall posture. Posture is the number one reason that people need to see a Chiropractor, however, there are very little chiropractors that are doing something about it.

Our office is a Chiropractic office with a PA and Physical therapist on staff. Advanced Spine and Posture will work toward a common goal to improve your posture against the spinal model. We have a spinal model that was found with a series of studies in the CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) testing. Advanced Spine and Posture is the first office in Michigan that uses all the advanced techniques that CBP has to offer. And, it is the first office to bring you the ScoliBrace.

The ScoliBrace is the latest technology in treating Scoliosis. However, no other medical facility offers this brace. This brace comes backed with all the case studies to prove it’s effectiveness. Advanced Spine and Posture is not just a Chiropractor in Grand Rapids, we are a unique chiropractic office that is offering cutting edge technology.

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    Read Our Raving Reviews!

    Norman Alexander
    November 22, 2020.
    This place is awesome! Never have I seen so many services in a chiropractor office. I'm new so I've yet to rate clinical services but from inquiry to beginning Of receiving services was very pleasant and helpful.
    Matthew Nawrocki
    November 14, 2020.
    I love this place! The entire staff is so wonderful and really gets to know you. Going to a place multiple times a week, it matters who you are working with and I have had nothing but the most pleasant experience in the few months I have been coming here. On top of that, the integrated practice offers so much regarding your overall health and they have all the tools to help you. I go twice a week for adjustments, PT, and traction, also getting trigger point injections which have all contributed to having better posture and less pain. In my back/neck. Would recommend this practice, and have already, to anyone looking!
    Lila Link
    October 22, 2020.
    Great place, staff is very knowledgeable and nice!
    Haii Ku
    October 12, 2020.
    They take care of you as if you are family.
    Kaitlin Munoz
    September 28, 2020.
    Advanced Spine and Posture has changed my life. I decided to check out this office back in July because my pain was preventing me from sleeping, and interfering with my mobility at dance practice (and in general). The thought of being pain free seemed too good to be true, so I was skeptical even after reading all the wonderful reviews. It's now been 2 months since I started treatment and for the first time in years, I have no pain - even after a weekend of intense dance training. I've seen several chiropractors over the years, but they only ever helped manage the pain. ASAP has focused on treating my pain which has resulted in better sleep, the ability to continue following my dreams as a dancer, and an overall more positive mood.
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    Meet Our Grand Rapids, Michigan Providers

    Meet Our Team
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    Dr. Alan Szagesh DC

    Chiropractic Director

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    Linda Hegstrand

    Medical Director

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    Dr. Zac Kucharek DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Conditions Treated at Henderson chiropractor

    Conditions Treated

    Our exceptional team of Grand Rapids chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and therapists have helped thousands residents live healthier, more energetic, pain-free lives. For many of our patients, we are their “last hope” before surgery or invasive treatments. That’s because Advanced Spine and Posture’s in-depth approach to understanding the root cause of our patients’ health problems, enables us to not just treat the symptom, but more importantly the cause. By utilizing the Chiropractic BioPhysics technique, our patients have experienced tremendous relief from the following conditions:

    • Back and Neck Pain

    • Headache / Migraines

    • Scoliosis

    • Postural Deformities

    • Shoulder Pain

    • Acid Reflux / GERD

    • Asthma

    • Tingling / Numbness

    • Fatigue

    • Trouble Sleeping

    • Low Metabolism

    • Allergies

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Plantar Fasciitis

    • Frozen Shoulder

    • Disc Herniation

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    Please call during our business hours, or use the form below.

    Traditional Chiropractic
    vs. Corrective Chiropractic

    While it is essential to receive any type of chiropractic care to maintain a healthy nervous system, Corrective Chiropractic Care goes beyond just immediate pain relief. Corrective Care chiropractors look at the entire structure of the spine to find misalignments or weaknesses, and correct them. This means your nagging back pain, weekly headaches, or fatigue won’t come back as often anymore. In other words, Corrective Chiropractic Care addresses the root cause your health issues, and resolves them for long-term relief.

    Regular Chiropractic

    • ✓ Immediate Pain Relief
    • ✓ Reduction of Symptoms

    Corrective Chiropractic

    • ✓ Immediate Pain Relief
    • ✓ Reduction of Symptoms
    • ✓ Root Cause Discovery
    • ✓ Spinal Rehabilitation
    • ✓ Postural Correction
    • ✓ Long-Term Pain Relief
    • ✓ Long-Term Health Improvements
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