Chiropractor that takes medicaid in Grand Rapids, MI

chiropractor that takes medicaid in Grand RapidsLooking for a chiropractor that takes Medicaid? Do you have spinal issues, neck pain, joint pain or need orthotics? Yes, we offer orthotics to our Medicaid patients that need them of course. We are not only a chiropractic office for a medical office, which allows us to be able to fully serve you, our patient, better than ever before. We take a look at the overall health of your spine and determine what needs to be done to help it maintain it’s proper spinal curvatures. we understand we are a very unique office, the first of it’s kind in Michigan. But, have no worries, we have been in the chiropractic world for many years. Recently, we decided to expand the practice to include medical as well as physical therapy.

Our Grand Rapids chiropractic care is here to help you.

Do chiropractors take Medicaid in Grand Rapids?

This expansion took a lot of work and our dedicated team was up to the task. If you need chiropractic care but only have Medicaid, you are in luck. Our office combines Medicaid with physical therapy from a medical standpoint. We offer various traction options, injections, and myofascial release (medical massage),and much of this your insurance covers. That’s right, if you are in pain, you have finally found a chiropractor, and not just any chiropractor, one of the best in state. Our  has taken chiropractic to the next level, with training in CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics).

CBP Chiropractor that accepts medicaid

CBP is the style of Chiropractic that looks at your overall posture and body movements. We will do digital x-rays that will come out with our specialized software with red and green lines. These lines represent the perfect spine and your spine. This makes our X-rays some of the easiest for patients to understand. From there, our math geniuses go to work and actually measure how far off your spine is to the perfect spine, pretty cool huh? And, all this from a Chiropractor that accepts Medicaid? Yes, we want to bring everyone the piece of mind that they can get the best spinal medicine in the state.

CBP has studies and proven methods that are published showing how it improved range of motion, pain and spinal issues. We believe in CBP and as you see our office and your treatment plan, you will too. Our patients love what we do and we are the only office in Michigan to do it. We do take all levels of insurance. However, our office gets a lot of calls asking if we are a Chiropractor that takes Medicaid, so we thought addressing that question is important.

Need orthotics? Have feet and leg issues? Come see us at Advanced Spine & Posture – Chiropractor in Grand Rapids, MI. We work with your insurance to get the service you need. And, we are happy to discuss with you all of your options.


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