Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain in Grand Rapids womanOur Chiropractors at Grand Rapids know that back and neck pain is never fun, however, it happens. Sometimes after a lot of physical work, you have put a lot of strain on your back. However, if you have back pain all the time, that is probably due to something else going on. Visit our office and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Our advanced digital x-ray equipment is state of the art and is easy for even our patients to understand. All our software will compare your x-ray to that of the perfect spinal model. This allows us to really see what is going on. We will then mathematically figure out how to tackle each vertebra. Many times the pain areas are not the areas that are out or have issues. Things such as neck issues can cause lower back pain for example. Our Grand Rapids chiropractic clinic can help you.

Physical Therapy

Back and Neck Pain isn’t fun for anyone but with a little work, we can help. Our services are slightly different than that of most Grand Rapids chiropractors. This office is equipped with physical therapy as well as medical services right here on site. We work with clients a bit differently than a normal chiropractic office. We look at the entire body as a whole, the medical and physical therapy are all trained to work from the spinal model formed by a CBP. This is extensive training that our chiropractors have gone through. This allows us to provide services that many other chiropractic offices do not have.

Back and neck pain is miserable to live with but our Grand Rapids clinic can help. We work with clients to find the source of what is causing the pain and not covering it up. Many medical doctors want to cover up the pain. We work in the area to work within your body better. Posture, for example, is a big hitter when looking for a reason. Posture is something that is getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason.

Poor Posture

If you have poor posture you will have back and neck pain eventually. However, not everyone with poor posture has pain. But, coming to see us before you have pain can stop this poor posture before it gets to that. Our lifestyles are sitting and looking down far more than it was in the past. Our devices have us looking down, computers, gardening, housework, we are looking down so much more than we were built for.

This is causing many people to slouch over. Even have their head in front of their body. This is dangerous as well as uncomfortable. Have you even worked on something such as a puzzle and feel the pain between your shoulder blades? This pain is your posture and how you are looking down. The pain is telling you that your back or neck is out and needs adjusting and maybe even more.


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