Chiropractic Digital X ray Grand Rapids

Chiropractic Digital X ray CBP in Grand Rapids MIOur chiropractic care in Grand Rapids, Michigan require digital X ray for every patient that comes into our office with back or neck pain. Not only do the digital x-rays allow us to quickly see what the issue is so we can safely treat you, but it is also the first step for Chiropractic Bio-Physics. CBP® is the process of measuring your spinal curvature and comparing it to what would be ideal. This gives us a baseline of where you are at and where we need to get your spinal alignment. With our PostureRay® software, we can clearly see what direction we need to head to get you feeling better. The best part, we can show you what is going on and explain the course of treatment.

This software produces better quality, cleaner images with the details that will allow our Grand Rapids chiropractor team to share the information with you.

Digital X-ray care

Having a digital x-rays machine on-site allows Grand Rapids chiropractic care to be able to treat you better. We know what we are dealing with so we can fix it faster. We have the technology and the training to evaluate the results of your x-rays right away. This is especially important when it comes to fractures. Any time you have an injury to the spinal column, you need to have digital x-rays. Significant spine trauma can develop with ligamentous injuries to your spinal column. So, if you have taken a severe fall, been in a car accident or anything where there could have been damage to your spine, you need to let us know. That way, we can determine if a new set of x-rays is necessary for treatment.

We are here to help you with spine pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, etc. Did you know that we are also well versed in treating patients with injuries due to auto accidents? In the Grand Rapids area, we see a lot of whiplash victims. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we can help you get feeling better.

It is required that chiropractors document their digital x-rays. With our PostureRay® technology we can produce accurate reporting in less time. That means we spend more time with our patients.

Digital X-ray at Advanced Spine and Posture

At advanced Spine and Posture, we have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you feel better. We have the latest in technology to give us the answers we need to accurately and safely. We are also CBP® (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) certified. Only a handful of chiropractors are in the country, let alone in the Grand Rapids area.

Digital X-ray vs. Photographic x-ray

What is the difference between a digital x-ray vs. a photographic x-ray? Digital X-rays capture the image on digital x-ray sensors, not on photographic film. This process is much faster and more efficient in identifying what is causing pain. That way we know exactly what is going on and can provide the best, most effective treatment.

We have the technology in-house to provide the best quality digital x-rays. You do not have to make several trips and wait to get the answers you need to feel better. We will do a complete set of digital x-rays at your consultation.

We go one step further. Our office has state-of-the-art PostureRay® technology. With PostureRay® technology, we will be able to detect the quality of your spinal health. We will be able to diagnose if you have scoliosis, a ligamentous injury, or any other spinal condition.

The benefits of PostureRay® technology include:

  • Clear images including misalignments, abnormalities or other types of injuries
  • Accurate findings for a more complete diagnosis
  • Images are displayed in jpeg or PDF formats, making it easier to share with other medical professionals
  • The software will run on a variety of operating systems
  • Instrumental in CBP® Chiropractic Bio-Physics

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