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Medical illustration of man holding neck pain in Grand Rapids, MICall a Grand Rapids Chiropractic Care today for neck or back pain. However, are you aware that chiropractors, especially Advanced Spine and Posture work on other ailments as well? If you are experiencing joint pain or knee pain, we are the Grand Rapids chiropractor for you.

We focus more on the posture and alignment and less on the area of discomfort. We seek out the why is their pain and adjust that area. Sometimes you might experience pain in the lower portion of your back but it’s the neck that is causing it. The average chiropractor doesn’t know to adjust in the fashion that we do. We are a unique Grand Rapids chiropractic office, in which we are dedicated to studying posture. And, adjusting and correcting posture to help take the pressure off those pain spots.

As we age, our bodies tend to change in posture. A car accident or limping can cause posture to be misaligned. This can be painful and with gravity can get worse over time. If your head is misaligned and leaning forward, gravity is pulling on it and misaligning it even more. Getting your spines natural curves aligned with how they were meant to be will help. And, our office does this in a couple of different ways. First, we will take an x-ray and measure your spines curvature to the natural curvature of the spine. This will allow you to see first hand how far off your posture is. When we say “Stand up straight” this looks different to every person that comes into our office.

Chiropractor in Grand Rapids

As a Grand Rapids Chiropractor, we want to help you with the whole picture. Getting your posture corrected will last longer than a simple adjustment. We also offer medical and physical therapy in our office. And, we have a complete traction system that can traction, standing, sitting and laying down. This helps us adjust and correct all areas of the spine, not just the neck.

If you are familiar with Denneroll, we do offer that here. This is a form of traction that the patient will lay down on the bed. We offer this service as well as complimenting Therapy to help it work properly. We are a full-service Medical group that focuses on the spine and posture. This is something that Michigan has never seen, however, we do plan to expand into other areas of the state. Currently, we are the only Grand Rapids chiropractor to offer these services.

Getting the proper alignment and to assist with all kinds of ailments. And, as Grand Rapids chiropractor, we do this with the entire spine and posture. Working with some of the most difficult cases and also scoliosis. Scoliosis can be debilitating, but this office has leading bracing technology. This technology is helping 1000’s of patients get scoliosis under control. With our medical, physical therapy and CBP chiropractors, we are doing much more than any other Grand Rapids chiropractic office can. Give us a call.


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