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Adjustment table at Grand Rapids chiropractor, MIAre you looking at all the Grand Rapids Chiropractors and thinking that there is a lot to understand? Who takes your insurance and how many visits do you get. Do they take x-rays? Do they actually know what they are doing? What are their policies? Can they help get your auto insurance to pay for your care? What techniques are used and so much more questions running through your head? No worries! Our Chiropractic Grand Rapids, MI team can explain why our process is so much different than any other chiropractic office in here.

We are Different!

Grand Rapids chiropractors are not all the same. There are some pretty shady operations out there too, which is why we encourage our clients to ask questions. The first thing you should understand that an x-ray is needed. Some may argue with this, but let’s use some common sense, we can’t nor can anyone else SEE your vertebra. What if you have damage? A bone spur? Bad discs that we cannot see as they are bad on the inside? The spine isn’t just what you see when you bend over, it’s a 3D object that has sides and the underside that we cannot ever see without an x-ray.

Chiropractic work is very safe, however, we need to fully understand what we are working on. If you have soft tissue damage from a car accident, an x-ray will tell us this. And, there are special services we can do to help that tissue heal properly and not damage it more by doing something wrong. So, please, do not see a Chiropractor that doesn’t offer X-rays, this is not good for your health and it shouldn’t be done.

Advanced Spine & Posture

As a member of the Grand Rapids Chiropractors in the area, we see what is out there and we offer something completely different. Advanced Spine & Posture actually is not an office that works as the other. We are a medical office with a PA on staff that will exam all new patients and offer advice on what services will help you as a patient. Our office is built around a perfect spinal model and our goal to get your spine and other body parts aligned properly for better posture and healthier life. We work with our clients on a very different level than most Grand Rapids chiropractors.

We take x-rays, sure, but we also analysis your spine against the perfect model. And, we will show you this analysis with our Red and Green lines that will make you completely understand why we do what we do. This measurement is so precise that it can tell us in millimeters how far off each bone is to its proper location. Pretty cool, right? But, it gets better, once we know where it’s off, we can tell you why as well! There is a science behind everything we do and it’s all been proven, tested and results are published.

CBP Chiropractic in Grand Rapids

We are the only one from the Grand Rapids Chiropractors that does this. We have had specialized schooling to learn and understand this. And, training with hands-on and have been working with this method for over a year. It was just recently that we decided it was time to become a full medical office for the spine so we could offer all the techniques we know to help. We also offer physical therapy right here at this location and traction. There are different types of spinal traction for different issues in the spine. What is this method called? CBP Chiropractic. There are no other one in the area or even Michigan at the time of this write up that are doing what we are for our patients.


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