How to Relieve Back Pain Fast and Naturally in Grand Rapids MI

How to Relieve Back Pain Fast and Naturally in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Far too many Grand Rapids people are looking for best solution to relieve back pain. Since back pain is a very prevalent issue in the U.S. It is projected that 80% of Americans will deal with back pain at least once in their lifetime. Plus, the chance of dealing with back pain more than once increases each time you experience a flare up. Of course, it would be ideal to prevent back pain from ever occurring. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Thus, knowing how to relieve back pain fast becomes essential for preserving your quality of life.

Our Grand Rapids chiropractic team aim to use this article to help your back pain relief fast and naturally.

The Problem with Chronic Back Pain

The biggest concern with back pain is when it becomes chronic in nature. Chronic back pain (including low back pain, mid-back pain, or neck pain), is defined as pain that extends beyond six weeks. When pain persists for so long, it can lead to mental health issues, loss of productivity, and make it hard to live the life you want. While acute pain serves the short term purpose of protection and rest, chronic pain is associated with a significant change in pain perception due to overactive pain pathways in the nervous system. Thus, it is ideal to address back pain when it is acute and prevent it from becoming chronic.

What Causes Back Pain?

Most often, back pain is caused by an underlying mechanical issue that is straining the tissue of the spine, such as the spinal cord, nerves, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Unfortunately, these mechanical changes can also lead to spine degeneration. Common degenerative changes that cause chronic back pain include osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated disks and compression of the nerve roots or spinal cord. Mechanical factors that can lead to these include the following:

  • Poor lifestyles choices leading to general health issues and being overweight
  • Sustaining an injury such as a car accident or falling
  • Limited spine flexibility
  • Weakness of the core muscles
  • Spine misalignment secondary to poor posture and other altered movement patterns

Dealing with any of these causes long term can be detrimental for your body’s ability to perceive pain. Ultimately, this can lead to vague symptoms that a sufferer has a hard time effectively explaining or addressing with treatment. It is common for chronic back pain sufferers to be fearful of completing daily activities and catastrophizing their symptoms. Often, chronic back pain is written off by healthcare professionals too, further perpetuating the issue and limiting a person’s recovery potential.

4 Ways to Get Back Pain Relief Fast and Naturally

When back pain occurs, whether it be chronic or acute, there are effective natural treatment options that can help you start healing as soon as possible. A well-rounded treatment program will help address true underlying issues rather than just masking symptoms for short-lived temporary relief, such as occurs with prescribed medication or injections. The four treatments we will review below focus on stopping the cycle of pain and restoring balance to your spine. This translates to real sustainable long-term results.

Get Help from a Professional

Dealing with chronic back pain is a mult-faceted and complicated matter. Trying to manage it on your own can feel like an uphill battle. Seeking guidance from a healthcare professional that specializes in holistic spine treatment will give you the absolute best outcomes. When looking for the best conservative care, a chiropractor should be your go-to choice. This is because they truly understand the intricate dynamics of the spine and how to find balance for recovery. Specifically, chiropractors certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) are the experts in using science based treatment protocols for achieving sustainable spine health and managing symptoms like pain. The entire team at Advanced Spine and Posture is dedicated to bringing you this high level of care.

Now, let’s get into the four top ways to get the best possible outcomes when dealing with chronic back pain. Additionally, a CBP provider can help guide you and make personalized recommendations.

#1. Start with Modalities for Pain Relief

Dealing with chronic pain can be quite a tough battle. Since you are in continual pain, it will often result in lack of regular exercise and movement. This in turn leads to stiffness, low endurance, and further exacerbation of symptoms. It’s easy to see how this cycle can feel never-ending, leaving you feel totally stuck in the middle. Getting quick pain relief can help you break this cycle and get you on track with a treatment program. Instead of using addictive, harsh pain relievers, there are great holistic options for pain management to consider too.

Our chiropractor is well versed in natural pain relieving modalities, especial back pain relief. Based on your preferences and symptoms, they can make recommendations for specific types of modalities. If you find them helpful and effective, you can then formulate a plan together to continue home treatment too. Some of these possibilities include:

    • Manual or machine guided traction to promote better spine perfusion and health
    • Hands on treatments to promote relaxation and reduce stiffness, such as massage
    • Electrical stimulation to disrupt faulty pain signals
    • Temperature based modalities such as a heating pad or ice pack

#2. Address Your Mindset

While it can be a tough realization to have, it should make sense that your mindset and beliefs surrounding pain can vastly affect your recovery. For example, negative emotions and pessimism have been correlated to biological changes in the body that make us more prone to injury and illness. Although it’s common for chronic back pain to elicit these types of emotions, like hopelessness and frustration, it’s important to recognize these feelings and understand how they affect your recovery potential. Do your best to nurture a positive mindset that will help you cope better with your symptoms and heal. While it can feel impossible, you can do it with the right support and tools.

A chiropractor can help you twofold with your mindset. First, they will help you gain confidence and hope as you start making small improvements with treatment. They can also make further recommendations for mental health support. These options might include:

    • Beginning a mindfulness practice to nurture positivity with options like deep breathing, meditation, or a gratitude journal
    • Making changes to your lifestyle to promote better overall health and mood, such as getting enough sleep, stress management, regular exercise, and a proper diet
    • Discuss your mental health concerns with your doctor or psychiatrist

#3. Get Moving

Back pain can make most people feel like lying in bed all day. This may be useful for a short period with acute pain, however with chronic pain too much rest can actually make your pain worse over time. In fact, research consistently shows that regular exercise is an essential step in recovering from back pain. This is because it helps boost a sense of well-being, spine flexibility, strength, and your overall ability to heal thanks to increased blood and nerve flow. Movement with pain can be daunting, which is why knowing which exercises are best for you can help immensely.

A chiropractor understands what types of exercise will expedite your healing potential, help with weight loss (if needed) and boost your overall recovery. They will assess your unique deficits and make recommendations that help you make gradual progress. These might include:

    • Core exercises to encourage strength, stability, and balance
    • Low impact aerobic exercise
    • Gentle stretches for spine flexibility and spine alignment

#4. Be Aware of Your Posture

Our posture is essential for spine health and reducing pain. Yet, it’s common to pay little attention to our posture until symptoms have already surfaced. Unfortunately, long term slouching and other spine imbalances can easily lead to chronic back pain. Whether your posture is clearly dysfunctional or not, a common underlying issue is spine misalignment. This compromises nerve flow and your body’s ability to properly manage pain, or any other neural signals.

CBP certified chiropractors are the experts in restoring spine alignment. Our team can help treat poor posture and other spine misalignment issues that are contributing to your symptoms in back pain relief. Home addition recommendations, these include:

    • Use pillows for support of the spine’s natural curve- with sitting or sleeping
    • Incorporate exercise and visual feedback, such as a mirror, to train your body to hold better posture
    • Take breaks regularly from long periods of sitting
    • Set up your office space and car for optimal sitting ergonomics
    • Spine adjustments from your chiropractor to optimize spine alignment and nerve health
    • Feel Your Best as Quickly as Possible

Chronic back pain doesn’t happen overnight, thus the recovery process can be a long road. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start making measurable improvements with the right treatment program in place. A good program will help you make continual progress and trade in hopelessness for a plan that works.If you want relief as quickly as possible, getting help from a professional and focusing on sustainable methods will get you there.

It’s time to find a trusted healthcare professional that can provide you invaluable guidance that will help you find true long term relief from back pain. The team at Advanced Spine and Posture – Chiropractor in Grand Rapids, MI is dedicated to helping you on your road to back pain recovery. They can provide medical advice and chiropractic care to help you reduce pain.


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