Text Neck

Medical diagram showing text neck in Grand Rapids, MIText neck is a condition that starts in the upper back, neck area for most Grand Rapids people. This is due to everyone looking down at their devices. These computers, phones, tablets, and laptops are all taking a toll on our backs. And, it shows. Take a look around and you’ll see many people walking around with a hump on their upper back. That is a classic text neck. And, it’s dangerous. Our spines were not made to go around looking down all the time. Gone are the days we work hard on the farm and here are the days of technology. Which means we need to take care of our backs a little differently. We need to see a qualified Chiropractor that can help with text neck.

Our Chiropractor in Grand Rapids team is a medical office that is based around the perfect spinal model. Everything done in this office is compared to this model. This model came from many many scientific studies and engineering studies of the spine and what angles each one of the vertebrae should be seated at. It’s really kind of awesome, but then again we are nerds.

Initial Consultation

When you come to our office you will be first seen by a Physician’s Assistant. Yes, that’s right, a PA will see you, you will get a set of x-rays. These x-rays are not just any x-rays, they are digital x-rays that will go through a seriously complex software. The software generates how far off each part of the patient’s spine is to the perfect spine. From there we will have you come back in and go over your chiropractic treatment plan. Everyone is completely different so every treatment plan here is customized.

Text Neck affects all kinds of parts of your body. Even if you don’t feel pain, it’s only going to get worse. And, sometimes you don’t feel pain until it is simply too late. As you age and gravity pulls on your head from looking down, it will continue to droop. There are even some people that cannot look up at all anymore because of this. You will see this extreme often times in the elderly. Many times they worked with their hands doing beading or crafts that had them looking down a lot and it shows. As we age arthritis can set in and then there is literally nothing that can be done for text neck. So, it’s important to keep up on this and get healthy while you are young!

Get Checked for Text Neck

Things you can do to prevent text neck are:

  • Sit up straight
  • Raise the height of your computer monitors
  • Rarely use a Laptop
  • Hold the phone up when viewing
  • Hold the tablet up when viewing
  • Put the tv up high on the wall to make you look up more
  • Be conscious of it

A lot of times we are not even conscious of the fact we are not having good posture. And, over time, this slouching can lead to worse text neck. If you think you have text neck of some shape or form, give us a call.


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