The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Grand Rapids

The Benefits of Visiting A Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Grand Rapids

Are you experiencing neck pain in Grand Rapids? Or do you know someone who is suffering from neck problems? Probably, your answer is yes. And it is not surprising at all. This is because nowadays, neck pain has become a quite common issue. We tend to spend long hours in front of our electronic devices for many reasons, it can be either for work purposes or for leisure (checking social media, playing games, binge-watching movies and series, etc.). Whatever the reason is, this sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of poor posture and other negative side effects that can lead to neck pain.

Of course, besides a sedentary lifestyle, other factors may also be responsible for your neck pain. For example, poor lifestyle choices or genetics can also cause neck issues and affect your overall well-being. Today, our Grand Rapids chiropractor will discuss the benefits of visiting a chiropractor for neck pain, so you will know what to expect when seeing a spine health professional.

The Role of the Neck in Your Body

To better understand why you may suffer from neck pain, it is important to be aware of the basic anatomy of the neck. Your cervical spine (neck) starts from your skull and goes down until the top of your shoulder blades. In your cervical spine, 7 bones called vertebrae can be found and these bones play a huge role in your body’s function. The vertebrae are responsible for holding the weight of your head, they protect the upper spinal cord and also allow the free movement of the neck and the head by providing proper mobility.

Unfortunately, when the neck is out of balance for some reason, you may experience various neck symptoms.

Why You May Experience Neck Pain

There are many reasons why you might have pain in your neck area. The most common causes are the following:

  • Muscle strain: Secondary to poor posture or poor movement patterns.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Herniated discs can easily cause neck pain.
  • Injuries: You may experience neck pain because of a fall, a car accident, or you may simply strain your muscles in your neck, for example, during a workout.
  • Nerve compression: If there is pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord, it can easily leave you in pain.
  • Worn joints: Secondary to aging, your joints can start to wear down and can lead to pain in your neck.

When Neck Pain Is Not the Only Symptom

Interestingly, sometimes besides feeling stiffness and soreness in the neck, other symptoms can be present as well. These symptoms can be various, but here are a few examples:

  • A wide range of pain in the neck, varying from mild to severe or shooting pain
  • Acute or chronic neck pain
  • Headache
  • Decreased ability to move the neck
  • Muscle spasm, tension
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Trouble focusing
  • Poor balance (!)
  • General weakness in the arms, legs, and the neck (!)
  • Numbness (!)
  • Tingling (!)
  • Troubles participating in daily activities (!)
  • Uncoordinated movements (!)

Please be aware that if your neck pain is severe and doesn’t resolve on its own in a few days, you need to visit a chiropractor or other trusted health professional for neck pain. Also, if you experience any of the symptoms that are marked with a (!) in the list above, it means that there is a high risk that there are serious issues behind your neck pain. Therefore, you should see a health professional as soon as possible to assess your neck health and get professional medical advice.

Why Choose A Chiropractor for Neck Pain Relief

When it comes to seeking professional help to reduce your neck pain, chiropractic care should be amongst your options. This is because chiropractors can bring you great results in addressing neck pain with non-invasive treatment options. Of course, there are other treatment options as well, such as acupuncture, physical therapy, medication, injections, or even surgery.

However, if you are looking for long-lasting solutions with gentle, non-invasive treatment techniques, you should definitely try chiropractic care.

What to Expect During the Consultations

As there may be many reasons why you are suffering from neck pain, the chiropractor will assess you as a whole during your consultation. First, the chiropractor will evaluate your spine, particularly the cervical spine. They will also assess how your neck is moving, and see if there are any changes in the range of motion, spine alignment, strength, and in general how your neck is functioning. Luckily, chiropractors are trained to notice even subtle spine misalignments or other underlying conditions that can lead to neck pain.

Depending on your situation, the chiropractor may use imaging to make a diagnosis. Then he/she will recommend various treatment options that can help reduce your pain and accelerate your recovery. Most likely, you will need to visit your chiropractor regularly for the best outcomes.

In severe cases, it may be necessary to consult an orthopedist as well because some health issues can be treated only by more invasive treatment options (for example, surgery).

Choose a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) Certified Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Now that you know what to expect during chiropractic care consultations, let’s talk about the numerous benefits of choosing chiropractic treatments.

Maybe the most important benefit of opting for a chiropractor is that they have great expertise in spine health. They know what to look for when it comes to neck pain relief. While most likely a traditional doctor would treat your neck pain directly with pain medications, a chiropractor will search for the causes of neck pain. Do you have neck pain because of your lifestyle choices (unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, obesity), your poor stress management skills, or maybe a previous injury or disease is responsible for your suffering? These spine health professionals will address the issue holistically, so you can finally get long-lasting pain relief and you can start the process of recovery.

There is another thing that makes chiropractic care so successful in treating neck pain: Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). This is a special approach in chiropractic care that is based on effective protocols based in sound science and research. CBP-certified chiropractors can detect if you have spine misalignment that can affect your nerve health and levels of energy. This is important because spine misalignment can be the main cause of your neck pain. Once your spine alignment is restored, you may experience reduced pain and faster recovery. The entire team of chiropractors at Advanced Spine and Rehab in Grand Rapids, MI is CBP certified and ready to address your neck pain needs.

The Studies Show Great Results Regarding Chiropractic Care

If you need more evidence about how great chiropractic treatment options are, researchers have tested the effectiveness of chiropractic methods regarding neck pain relief over and over again. Without going into details, many high-quality studies showed that these treatments are highly effective and patients can realize significant improvements in their pain levels.

The Different Types of Treatments for Neck Pain

As mentioned above, first, the chiropractor assesses your spine health and then gives recommendations for treatment. Although the available treatment options will depend on your needs, the most common types of treatments are cervical manipulation, manual therapy, exercises, and very often some additional techniques are also used for temporary pain relief. Let’s see these treatment options in detail.

Cervical Manipulation

Cervical chiropractic adjustment is essentially spine manipulation with different tools or hands. This treatment method is highly effective as you may experience pain relief as soon as the chiropractor restores the mobility of your spine. This technique combined with other treatment options can bring you great results and help your recovery.

Manual Therapies

The second chiropractic treatment option we need to talk about is manual therapy. There are different kinds of manual therapies, such as soft tissue therapy, joint stretching, and massage. What is common in these methods is that they have huge benefits for restoring your neck function because they can not only treat muscle tension but also reduce neck pain.

Personalized Exercises

Therapeutic exercises can improve your spine alignment, provide better posture and joint mobility as well. Plus, it can help you decrease the risk of future spine-related health issues, including neck pain. It is an important step in the recovery process.

Additional Techniques for Temporary Pain Relief

In some cases, your chiropractor may use additional pain management treatments for reducing your neck pain. These techniques serve the purpose of providing quick, temporary pain relief so you can undergo the above-mentioned treatments without feeling enormous pain in your neck.

Chiropractors often use electrical stimulation to stimulate your neck muscles. Another common technique is ultrasound which reduces the pain in your neck by sending sound waves into the tissues to warm them up. Lastly, temperature therapy, such as ice and heat, can also give immediate pain relief to the patients.

Find a CBP-Certified Chiropractor for Neck Pain Relief

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits of chiropractic care for your neck pain, you can start to look for a CBP-certified Grand Rapids chiropractor near your home and schedule a consultation.

If you live in Michigan- somewhere near Grand Rapids, MI to be exact- don’t hesitate to get in touch with the local office of Advanced Spine and Rehab, as their team consists of CBP-certified experts. They are willing to assess and treat your neck issues with non-invasive treatment options, so you can be your best self again and enjoy your everyday life without the unpleasant feeling of neck pain.


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