What Makes Our Office Differences?

What makes Grand Rapids chiropractic office different?Sure, there are 100’s of chiropractic office in Grand Rapids, MI. In fact, you have many many choices and we are completely aware of this. Sure, you see them all on Facebook with these more than enticing $20 specials. But, we want to ask you, why would you let someone crack your neck for $20? Does this not make you feel just a little uneasy? Do you know their medical background? Are you aware that a Chiropractor is at a doctoral level? And, their skills have been finely tuned to understand the physical make up of the most important part of your body, your spine. Think about it, every part of your body relies on your spine and it’s sensitive spinal cord. Why would you trust that with someone putting an ad out there for $20? Should you be more concerned about the level of care you are getting. What that doctor is actually going to do for that $20.

Let’s face it, they are probably going to do a one-time adjustment the best they can with what they have to work with and send you out the door. The problem with this is that did not help the problem that caused the issue you went to see them for. Sure, they can snap the bones back into place the best they can, however, they will soon be back out of place. And, why is this? This is because a chiropractic adjustment shouldn’t be the only thing you are seeking to improve your back and neck pain. You need to find the root of the cause. The reason for the pain and work in that area. This is a more permanent solution and certainly a better solution. Back pain and neck pain are very common in society today.

Much of this pain is caused by our lifestyle as well as our posture. And, our Grand Rapids chiropractic office is here to help you.

Improve your Poor Posture

Posture? Yes, we said posture. At Advanced Spine & Posture, we work with our clients to get the results. We don’t mask it with an adjustment for a brief relief. We are digging deep into your posture and positioning. Poor posture is all around us today. Everyone is looking down on their devices which is causing what we call text neck. This is so common that almost everyone we see has a certain degree of it and it’s not going to go away on its own. You need to have your posture adjusted, which takes time and is not a one-time treatment.

Yes, we do not offer these crazy $20 sessions. Why? Because we don’t believe in them. They are not helping anyone and certainly are not the answer to your back issue. But, getting your posture corrected and adjusted is. Don’t think you can’t afford it? Think again! We are a Medicaid friendly office that offers our services to Medicaid patients as well as all the other types of insurances. Our services are billable under chiropractic, medical and physical therapy, depending on your needs. THIS..THIS is what makes us unique and different. We are the first chiropractic office like this in the state of Michigan.

The Perfect Spine Chiropractic Model

Our Grand Rapids chiropractic office is based on a chiropractic model of the perfect spine. We will take you in and give you a thorough exam a licensed PA. You will get x-rays and we will compare your x-rays with that of the perfect spine model and measure out the distance you are off from where you should be. This is what makes us different. We judge the changes not on how you feel but how you’re spine is reacting to the treatment by measurement. Certainly, your comfort is important, but we look at the overall picture. We want you to have the very best posture you can have.

Can I just walk in any time? No, we used to have this option before we switched to this new model of care. We work on a schedule only timeframe. This allows us to treat each patient with care and respect. And remember, even if you don’t have pain if you have poor posture you will eventually. Preventive care is important as the spine is the most important part of the body and should be maintained properly.

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If you are looking for overall better health, give us a call. We can tell you we see 1000’s of people in the gym that certainly need our services. These people are looking to improve their health by going to the gym, but why not have your spine checked? This is simple and doesn’t take much time for the important factor that it is.

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